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எடை உயரம் விகித குறியீடுBody Mass Index
Back Away
Retreat or go backwards
Back Down
Retract or withdraw your position or proposal in an argument
Back Into
Enter a parking area in reverse gear
Back Off
Back Out
Fail to keep an arrangement or promise
Back Out Of
Fail to keep an agreement, arrangementExit a parking area in reverse gear
Back Up
Make a copy of computer dataSupportDrive a vehicle backwards
Bag Out
Bail Out Of
Pay a bond to release someone from jail
Bail Out On
Stop supporting someone when they are in trouble
Bail Up
Talk to someone and delay themRob someone at gunpoint
Ball Up
Confuse or make things complicatedRoll or form into a round shape
Balls Up
Spoil ruin
Bang About
Move in a place making a lot of noise
Bang Around
Move in a place making a lot of noise
Bang On About
Keep talking about something
Bang Out
Play a musical instrument loudly
Bang Up
Put someone in prisonDamage badly
Bank On
Count or rely on
Barge In
Enter a place and interrupt
Barge Into
Enter a place and interrupt people rudely
Bash About
Mistreat physically
Bash In
Break damage or injure by hitting
Bash Out
Write something quickly without much preparation
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