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கையடக்கக் கணினி Personal Digital Assistant
Pack Away
Put something where it belongs
Pack In
Stop doing somethingEnd a relationshipFill a venueBreak down, stop working
Pack It In
Stop doing something (used as an imperative)
Pack Off
Send someone away
Pack Out
Fill a venue
Pack Up
Stop doing somethingFinish workBreak down, stop workingCollect things and put them where you keep them
Pad Down
Sleep somewhere for the night
Pad Out
Make a text longer by including extra content often content that isn't particularly relevant
Pair Off
Begin a romantic relationshipIntroduce people, hoping they will start a relationshipForm pairs
Pair Off With
Form a pair with someone
Pair Up
Form a pair
Palm Off
Get someone to accept something that isn't truePretend something is better than it is in order to sell it
Pan Out
The way a situation develops
Paper Over
Try to conceal a problem without really fixing it
Pare Back
If you pare something back you reduce the size or numbers.
Pare Down
Reduce decrease
Pass Around
Give out to everybody there
Pass As
Be believed to be something
Pass Away
Pass Back
Pass By
Go past without stoppingVisit brieflyMiss an opportunity
Pass For
Be accepted as something usually when not
Pass Off
Convince something that something is realHappen in a certain way
Pass On
Give a message to someoneDecline an invitation or opportunityDie
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