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W-CDMA : Wideband Code Division Multiple Acces
Wireless Internet Service Providers
Wade In
Start something or get involved, often without thinking or to forcefullyAttack
Wade Into
Become embroiled or involved in a situation without thinking or planning usually
Wade Through
Get to the end of something with difficulty
Wait About
Wait somewhere doing nothing
Wait Around
Wait somewhere doing nothing
Wait Behind
Stay somewhere after other people have left
Wait In
Stay at home because someone is going to visit
Wait On
Serve people in a restaurantSell goods in a shopProvide someone with everything they need or wantWait for a result before being able to make a decision
Wait Out
Wait till something has finished usually something unpleasant
Wait Up
Not go to bed because you are waiting
Wait Up!
Stop (imperative)
Wait Upon
Provide someone with what they requireWait for a result before being able to make a decision
Wake Up
Stop sleeping
Walk Away From
Leave something you don't like
Walk Away With
Win easily
Walk In On
Enter somewhere unexpectedly and see something
Walk Into
Get work without effortBe unaware of the presence of something and either enter it (a trap) or bump into it (an obstruction)
Walk Off
Go for a walk to reduce the effects of an illness or bad feeling
Walk Off With
Win easilyTake something without permission or steal
Walk On
Continue walking
Walk Out
Leave work because of a dispute with the managementLeave a place angrily or because you are not satisfied
Walk Out On
Leave somebody angrily
Walk Up
Go to someone
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