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Lap Up
Appreciate something
Large It Up
Have a good time when intoxicated
Lark About
Behave in a silly way
Lark Around
Behave in a silly way
Lark It Up
Enjoy yourself noisily and exuberantly
Lash Down
Fall heavily (rain)Secure something with ropes or cords
Lash Into
Criticise someone strongly
Lash Out
Suddenly become violentReact angrilySpend a lot of money on luxuries
Lash Out Against
Criticise something strongly
Lash Out At
Hit someone suddenly, usually without warning, or try to hit themCriticise someone or shout at them
Lash Out On
Spend a lot of money buying something
Latch On
Understand often after a long time
Latch On To
Understand something often after a long time
Latch Onto
Connect to somethingDecide or realise that something is good or profitable
Laugh Off
Pretend something (an injury news etc.) isn’t important
Lay Down
Establish rules or proceduresKill, murder
Lay Into
Criticise angrily
Lay Off
Make an employee redundant
Lay On
Organise supply
Lay Out
Spend money
Lead On
Falsely or cruelly raise hopes
Lead To
Result in
Leak Out
Become public knowledge
Lean On
Put pressure on someone to get them to do what you want
Leave On
Not turn off
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