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time division multiple access
Tack On
Add something that wasn't planned
Tack Onto
Add or attach something that wasn't planned to something
Tag Along
Accompany someone especially if they haven't specifically invited you
Tag On
Add an additional point to something written or spoken
Tag Onto
Add an additional point to something written or spoken
Tag With
Add a keyword link or bookmark to a blog entry or webpage
Tail Away
Become silent or inaudible
Tail Back
Form a traffic jam
Tail Off
Become silent or inaudibleDecrease
Take After
Look like resemble
Take Apart
Take something to pieces
Take Aside
Get someone alone to talk to them
Take Away
Take Back
Make someone nostalgicRetract a statement, admit that something was wrong
Take Down
Make notes or write down in fullRemove
Take In
Absorb informationDeceiveMake clothes smallerAssume care or support
Take It
Accept criticism
Take It Out On
Abuse someone because you're angry
Take It Upon Yourself
Take responsibility often without consulting other people
Take Off
Make great progressReduce the price of an itemWhen a plane departs or leaves the groundRemove
Take On
Allow passengers on a ship or planeAssume a responsibilityEmploy
Take Out
Borrow a library bookBorrow money from a bank or other official lenderExtract or removeGo out socially with someone, especially a dateObtain insuranceKill, murder
Take Over
Assume control of a company or organisation
Take Through
Explain something to someone
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