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தெறி : teṟi (p. 257) க்கிறேன், த்தேன், ப்பேன், க்க, v. a. [prov.] To flirt off, shoot a particle with the finger and thumb, to bespatter, உந்த. 2. To snap a bow-string, or fiddle-string, with the finger and thumb to try its lightness, to strike the springs of a lute with the fingers, வீணைநரம்புதெறிக்க. 3. To discharge arrows or balls with a bow, to shoot, எய்ய, (c.) எள்ளளவாகிலும்கிள்ளித்தெறிக்கவுமில்லைதொட்டுத் தெறிக்கவுமில்லை. He gives nothing in charity. 24)


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teṟu (p. 257) க்கிறேன், த்தேன், ப்பேன், க்க, v. a. To bruise, crush, நெரிக்க. (p.) 28)
teḷi (p. 257) கிறது, ந்தது, யும், ய, v. n. To become chear, limpid, transparent, by the settling or subsiding of sediment, தெளிவாக. 2. To become serene or clear as the sky, the mind, the countenance; to clear off, to become bright as a shining body, the water of a gem, &c., ஒளிர. 3. To become whoite as cloths by washing, வெள்ளையாக, 4. To pass away, as scarcity, an epidemic, dulness, sheep, fear, &c., to cease as war, doubt, error, ignorance, பஞ்சமுதலியனஒழிய. 5. To become evident, manifest, obvious, clear, as the meaning of a passage, an idea, &c., வெளிப்பட. 6. To revive as persons or animals கொழுக்க. 8. To revive, as vegetables, to thrive, செழிக்க. 9. To become clear as sound, the voice, &c;., நன்கொலிக்க. 1. To take counsed with another, ஆலோசிக்க. (c.) 11. [prov.] To turn out clear, as profit, to accrue as gain, to be clear gain, after deduction, இலாபங் காண. 12. To take as oath, as தெய்வந்தெ ளிய. 13. v. a. [with personal endings.] To consider, deliberate, investigate, ruminate, ஆராய. 14. To pierce, perforate, தொளைக்க. 15. To know, understand, perceive, experience, அறிய. தெளிஞன்--தெளிந்தவன், s. A learned or wise man, a sage, கற்றோன். தெளிநீர்--தெளிந்தநீர், s. Pure, clear water. தெளிந்தபுத்தி, s. A well informed judgement, mature understanding, clear knowledge or discernment, profound wisdom. தெளிந்தமனம், s. A lucid mind, clear, free from doubt, obscurity, &c., தெளிந்தவர், appel. n. (plu.) Clear minded, intelligent persons. தெளிந்துகொடுக்க, inf. [prov.] To remove doubt, by an oath. (c.) தெளிந்துவர, inf To become clear, to recover from a swoon, &c., தெளிமணி, s. A gem of good water. பட்டுத்தெளிய, inf. To learn be experience. See படு, v. பயந்தெளிய, inf. To become free from fear, terror, &c. பேசித்தெளிய, inf. To speak on a subject and come to a conclusion. வியாதிதெளிய, inf. To be cured of disease. தெளிய, inf. [adverbiality.] Clearly, distinctly, evidently, obviously. தெளிவிக்க, inf. To make clear, serene, &c., வெளியாக்க. 2. To clarify, refine, தெளியச்செய்ய. 3. To explain, illustrate, விவரிக்க. 4. To inform, clear away doubts, சந்தேகந்தீர்க்க. 5. To dispel fear, sorrow, apprehension, anger, bashfulness, drunkenness, swooning, delirium, sleep, &c., நீக்க. 6. To pour off, strain, decant, வடிக்க. 7. To fatten, make plump, கொழுப்பிக்க. (c.) தெளிவு, v. noun. Clearing or flowing off from a sediment. 7)
teṟṟu (p. 257) s. (com. தெத்து.) Hedge of thorns, &c., to defend a passage; lines of entrenchment, அடைப்பு. 2. (p.) Certainty, ascertainment, assurance, persuasion, confidence, தேற்றம். 3. See தெற்று, v. தெற்றென, inf. [adverbiality.] Clearly, certainly, தெளிவாக. 2. Forthwith, immediately, at once, விரைவாக. தெற்றெனல், v. noun. Being clear, certain, sure, தெளிதல். 2. Being in haste, சீக்கிரக்குறிப்பு. தெற்றெனவு, v. noun. Certainty, clearness, தெளிவு. 33)
teḷḷēṇm (p. 257) s. A play aong females of thread or of metal, அங்கிமுதலிய வற்றின்கடைப்பூட்டு. 2. See தெறி, v. n. 21)
teṟipṭ (p. 257) inf. (with போக.) To be desolate, forsaken, forlorn, திக்கற. 2. To be discomfited and dispersed as an army, அணிகுலைய. 3. To stray and wander as cattle, சிதறுண்ண. 4. To be tossed about, as a mariner or vessel at sea, அலைந்துலைய. 5. To be puzzled, confounded, &c., கலங்க. (c.) தெறிபட்டவள், appel. n. A lewd woman, as எடுபட்டவள். 25)
teṟṟi (p. 257) s. A painted or pictured hall, சித்திரகூடம். 2. A raised verandah, திண்ணை. 32)
tevvu (p. 257) s. The moon, சந்திரன். 2. [ex தெவ்.] Enmity, hostility, animosity, பகை. 3. Battle, contest, war, போர். 4. Opposing force the enemy, சத்துரு. (சது.) 5)
teviṭṭu (p. 256) கிறேன், தெவிட்டினேன், வேன், தெவிட்ட, v. n. To be sated, glutted, overloaded as the stomach, to be cloyed, தேக்க. 2. To loathe from excess, to nauseate, to vomit, வாந்திசெய்ய. 3. To grow full, நிறைய. (c.) 4. (சது.) To think, reflect, நினைக்க. 5. To sound, ஒலிக்க. பார்க்கப்பார்க்கத்தெவிட்டவில்லை. However much it is examined, it never cloys. தெவிட்டாத்தித்திப்பு, s. Sweets that do not cloy. தெவிட்டல்--தெவிட்டு, v. noun. Nausea from sweet things, the sight of medicines, &c., உவட்டு. 2. Loathing of food from satiety, வெறுப்பு. 76)
terici (p. 256) க்கிறேன், த்தேன், ப்பேன், க்க, v. a. To obtain an auspicious sight, &c. See தரிசி. 60)
teriylr (p. 256) s.( plu.) The ignorant, unenlightened, uninformed, அறிவில்லார். 2. Enemies, பகைஞர். (p.) 63)
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