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தெண்டு : teṇṭu (p. 256) கிறேன், தெண்டினேன், வேன், தெண்ட, v. a. [prov.] To raise up, push aside with a lever, &c., கிளப்ப. 2. (impers.) To affect the joints, limbs, &c., as eramps, நரம்புவலிக்க, (Jaffna usage.) தெண்டுதடி, s. A lever. 36)


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teḷi (p. 257) கிறது, ந்தது, யும், ய, v. n. To become chear, limpid, transparent, by the settling or subsiding of sediment, தெளிவாக. 2. To become serene or clear as the sky, the mind, the countenance; to clear off, to become bright as a shining body, the water of a gem, &c., ஒளிர. 3. To become whoite as cloths by washing, வெள்ளையாக, 4. To pass away, as scarcity, an epidemic, dulness, sheep, fear, &c., to cease as war, doubt, error, ignorance, பஞ்சமுதலியனஒழிய. 5. To become evident, manifest, obvious, clear, as the meaning of a passage, an idea, &c., வெளிப்பட. 6. To revive as persons or animals கொழுக்க. 8. To revive, as vegetables, to thrive, செழிக்க. 9. To become clear as sound, the voice, &c;., நன்கொலிக்க. 1. To take counsed with another, ஆலோசிக்க. (c.) 11. [prov.] To turn out clear, as profit, to accrue as gain, to be clear gain, after deduction, இலாபங் காண. 12. To take as oath, as தெய்வந்தெ ளிய. 13. v. a. [with personal endings.] To consider, deliberate, investigate, ruminate, ஆராய. 14. To pierce, perforate, தொளைக்க. 15. To know, understand, perceive, experience, அறிய. தெளிஞன்--தெளிந்தவன், s. A learned or wise man, a sage, கற்றோன். தெளிநீர்--தெளிந்தநீர், s. Pure, clear water. தெளிந்தபுத்தி, s. A well informed judgement, mature understanding, clear knowledge or discernment, profound wisdom. தெளிந்தமனம், s. A lucid mind, clear, free from doubt, obscurity, &c., தெளிந்தவர், appel. n. (plu.) Clear minded, intelligent persons. தெளிந்துகொடுக்க, inf. [prov.] To remove doubt, by an oath. (c.) தெளிந்துவர, inf To become clear, to recover from a swoon, &c., தெளிமணி, s. A gem of good water. பட்டுத்தெளிய, inf. To learn be experience. See படு, v. பயந்தெளிய, inf. To become free from fear, terror, &c. பேசித்தெளிய, inf. To speak on a subject and come to a conclusion. வியாதிதெளிய, inf. To be cured of disease. தெளிய, inf. [adverbiality.] Clearly, distinctly, evidently, obviously. தெளிவிக்க, inf. To make clear, serene, &c., வெளியாக்க. 2. To clarify, refine, தெளியச்செய்ய. 3. To explain, illustrate, விவரிக்க. 4. To inform, clear away doubts, சந்தேகந்தீர்க்க. 5. To dispel fear, sorrow, apprehension, anger, bashfulness, drunkenness, swooning, delirium, sleep, &c., நீக்க. 6. To pour off, strain, decant, வடிக்க. 7. To fatten, make plump, கொழுப்பிக்க. (c.) தெளிவு, v. noun. Clearing or flowing off from a sediment. 7)
tevuṭṭu (p. 257) கிறேன், தெவுட்டினேன், வேன், தெவுட்ட, v. n. To become full, to fill, நிறைய. 2. To abide stay, தங்க. 3. v. n. To gargle the mouth, கொப்பளிக்க, (திவா.) 4. To stop, choke up, அடைக்க. 5. To hide conceal itself, மறைக்க. 6. To think நினைக்க. தெவுட்டல், v. noun. Becoming full, &c., used in all the meanings of the verb. 2)
teḷḷu (p. 257) கிறது, தெள்கினது, ம், தெள்க, v. n. [prov.] To become clear, தெளிவாக. 2. To first up, to be tossed or heaved up, as spray, &c., கொழிக்க. 16)
teṟi (p. 257) க்கிறது, த்தது, க்கும், க்க, v. n. To break or snap off, short, முறிய. 2. To fly back, rebound, recoil, &c., உதைந்துமீள. 3. To spirt as drops or particles of water. &c., to splash up, top up, as spray, சிதற. 4. To spring or hop, as fleas, துள்ள. 5. To part, burst, asunder--as a knot, a rope, a fiddle string; to fly apart, burst in pieces, fly off or be struck off, as pieces or sparks, அற. (c.) 6. [prov.] To be broken off, as friendiship; become disunited, வேறுபட. 7. (fig.) To fail, to result unsuccessfully. தவற. முகத்திலிரத்தந்தெறிக்கப்பேசினான். He spoke in anger, the blood flying to his face. பருத்தெறிக்கிறது. The boil throbs; (lit.) jumps. நாக்குத்தெறிக்கப்பேசுகிறான். He speaks wickedly enough to make his tongue burst asunder. பிணிதெறித்துப்போயிற்று. The disease is remedied. பொறிதெறிக்கிறது. Sparks fly out. கண்தெறித்தது. The eye is suddenly blinded; (lit.) broken by lightning &c. தெறிபட்டுப்போயிற்று. It has failed, come to naught. தெறிப்பான். He will burst asunder; a curse. தெறிக்கடிக்க, inf. [prop. தெறிக்கஅடி க்க.] To scatter, disperse, as an army; to beat or hammer so as to cause bursting, or to make a part fly off, to confound, to puzzle in controversy. தெறிக்கப்பேச, inf. To speak so as to offend, to break up friendship. தெறித்தவன், appel. n. A man of cruel conduct; used in cursing. தெறித்துவிழ, s. To strike on some thing in falling. 2. To burst to pieces; spoken of one who so acts as to reader himself liable to a curse. தெறிபதம், s. Spirtling of medicinal oil when boiling. தெறி, v. noun. Spattering, splash, spirt, சிதறுகை. தெறிப்பு, v. noun. Rebound, recoil, flying back, resilence, உதைந்துமீள்கை. 2. Spirit, spatter, splash, dash, சிந்துகை. 3. Parting, bursting asunder, flying apart; snapping off, breaking, as a limb, முறிகை, 4. Shooting with the fingers, snapping. &c., சுண்டுகை. 5. Wicked conduct spoken of in cursing as exposing a person to bursting asunder. 23)
teriyl (p. 256) s. A flower garland, பூமாலை. (சது.) 2. See தெரி, v. n. 64)
teṟku (p. 257) s. [a change of தக்கணம்.] South, southward, தென்றிசை. (c.) தெற்குவெறிக்கிறது. There is famine in the south. தெற்கத்தி--தெற்கித்தி--தெற்குத்தி, adj. Southern, தெற்கேயுள்ள. (c.) தெற்கத்திப்பேச்சு--தெற்கித்திப்பேச்சு, s. Language, dislect, idiom, pronunciation of the southern district. தெற்கித்திக்காற்று, s. Southern wind. தெற்கித்தியான், s. A person of southern India. தெற்குமண்டலம்--தெற்குவட்டம், s. The southern region. தெற்குமுகம், s. Southern, facing the south. தெற்குமுகமாய்ப்போக, inf. To go south. தெற்கேமுகங்காட்டி, v. part. Having the face southward. தெற்கோட்டம், s. [prov. for கர்ப்ப வோட்டம், which see.] The southern passage of the clouds. 30) *
teṇṭu (p. 256) s. Staff, club, cudgel, &c., தடி. See தண்டு, 4, 7, and 11. 35)
teruḷ (p. 256) --தெருளு, கிறேன், தெருண் டேன், வேன், தெருள, v. n. To be enlightened, be convinced, to grow in knowledge, தெ ளிய. 2. To perceive, ascertain, become free from doubt, to understand clearly, ஐயமற்றறிய. 3. [improp. திரளு, தெரளு.] To arrive at puberly, as a girl, இருதுவாக. தெருண்டபெண், s. A girl grown marriageable. தெருண்டமனம், s. An intelligent, well informed mind, mature understanding. தெருண்டமேலவர், s. (plu.) Great and learned men, அறிவிற்சிறந்தோர். தெருட்சி, v. noun. Maturity of knowledge, comprehension, understanding. 2. Clearness, தெளிவு. (சது.) தெருளல்--தெருளுதல், v. noun. As தெருட்சி, 2. 72)
teṇṭu (p. 256) கிறேன், தெண்டினேன், வேன், தெண்ட, v. a. [prov.] To raise up, push aside with a lever, &c., கிளப்ப. 2. (impers.) To affect the joints, limbs, &c., as eramps, நரம்புவலிக்க, (Jaffna usage.) தெண்டுதடி, s. A lever. 36)
teppm (p. 256) s. (Tel. தஎப்ப.) Half, float &c., புணை, (c.) Sometimes தெப்பல். தெப்பக்காரன், s. The man who pushes the raft. தெப்பக்குளம், s. The pool in which an idol floats on a festival day. தெப்பத்திருநாள்--தெப்பத்திருவிழா, s. The festival when an idol is floated on the தெப்பக்குளம். 45)
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